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Hello all.  I decided to open a Twitter account so I could more easily/quickly share interesting math articles, etc. For those of you who enjoy this site – no worries – it isn’t going anywhere.

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Welcome to Musings on Math!

“A mathematician is a device which turns coffee into theorems.”

– Alfréd Rényi

Hello.  Welcome to!  My goal when creating this website was to give my high school and college math students a place to go to learn more about the information I presented in class – ideas that we didn’t have time for during the confines of our class time (not necessarily the technical aspects of the class, textbooks do an O.K. job of that).  Rather, what I wanted was a place to go where the more human side of the subject could be explored: the people and events that shaped the thinking and understanding of the mathematicians who discovered (or created) the beautiful world of mathematics.   That doesn’t mean that I don’t ever delve into the mathematics.  I do, from time to time, offer up some more technical posts as well as some more interesting problems to solve.  However, I want this site to show that mathematics is not some technical, dry and emotionally void subject that is written in a complicated and cold language.  Instead, it is a subject that is a lively and colorful, full of interesting characters and fascinating stories that make mathematics into a living, breathing subject to be enjoyed by all.  So, whatever your reason for visiting this site, I hope you enjoy it and learn from it.

Before I leave you to your explorations, just a few last points …

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