Quantum Mechanics

Want to learn about some of the most bizarre events in the physical universe?  Then Quantum Mechanics is for you!  Simply put, Quantum Mechanics is the study of matter at the atomic level.  However, when physicists study matter at this level, strange things start to happen that play with our everyday expectations of the world around us.

General Overview of Quantum Mechanics:

http://www3.hi.is/~hj/QuantumMechanics/quantum.html – This website gives a great overview into this groundbreaking field of study.

History of Quantum Mechanics:

http://www-history.mcs.st-and.ac.uk/HistTopics/The_Quantum_age_begins.html – If you are interested in the historical development of Quantum Mechanics, then visit this site.  The history of this subject is just as interesting as the subject itself.

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