Looking for that perfect holiday gift?

Looking for that perfect holiday gift?  Instead of giving that video game or other mind-numbing gift, why not give the gift of knowledge?  A mathematically related gift can be the perfect present to help stimulate the mind.

Looking for that great book?  Try one of these.

Looking for that perfect pencil or pen?  How about something like this?

Need a refill on your coffee?  Try this.

  • The perfect cup of coffee – Nothing better than drinking the morning ‘cup of joe’ while staring at great mathematics.

Don’t know what to get?  How about something different?

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The perfect cup of coffee

There is an old Hungarian mathematics quote that I love to recite, “A mathematician is a device which turns coffee into theorems.”  Well, on Christmas morning, I received the perfect gift from my daughters to complement the quote. (To my fellow geometry fans, notice the choice of word ‘complement’.)

Let’s face it, this is my dream coffee cup … a cup containing 20 of the greatest achievements of human thought. Now each morning when I drag myself out of bed at 4:30, I will have a little inspiration to go along with the first cup, and the second, the third, and, of course, the fourth … you get the idea.

For those of you looking to order your own, please click here.